November 2021

Dear Residents,

I hope everyone had a great end to Summer and has enjoyed the wonderful Fall weather. The last few months have seen an improvement in the COVID-19 outbreak and continued sense of normalcy. While the virus remains a threat, with increased vaccination rates and following our safety protocols we will continue to return to normalcy.

Mother Nature did bring us some weather challenges that I know impacted many of our residents. For those of you that were impacted by Ida and had damages not covered by insurance, I encourage you to reach out to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration). We recently hosted FEMA at Village Hall for the community to meet with directly.

With daylight savings upon us, it is getting darker sooner. In chatting with our local police precinct, they wanted us to remind everyone to reset the timers on your lights ensuring that they go on at the right time. Also, remember to keep your cars locked and take your keys into your house. Most of the car thefts in Nassau County have occurred because keys were left in the car.

Finally, I encourage everyone to support local families in need through the Flower Hill Volunteer Corps food drive. Covid-19 and the economic fallout has affected so many people and many are still in need. As we enter this holiday season your help will be much appreciated.

I hope you have a great month as we head into the holiday season! Please review some additional highlights from the Village meetings and activities below.


Brian Herrington


Food Drive-Volunteer Corps

Please continue to help those in need as we enter the holiday season! Donate non- perishable food items today!

Traffic Safety

The speed tables have finally arrived after being on backorder and we will be deploying the first one shortly on Ridge Drive East, just west of Center Drive. We will be piloting this speed table for several weeks before deploying the other tables to ensure installation is proper.


Plandome recently lost their case against ExteNet and an extremely unfavorable opinion was issued by the court. In Plandome Manor, the court recently ordered a settlement conference in their case after hearing oral arguments and indicating the judge may rule against their Village. While we are still hopeful that our arguments will win the day, the Board of Trustees continues to evaluate the situation and prepare for next steps. I continue to talk to my fellow Mayors and we will alert the community to any developments in our case. We will also be engaging experts to update our local law over the next few months.

Parks & Beautification

Last month we held the grand opening of the new community meeting space adjacent to Village Hall. This space was also dedicated to the memory of former Mayor Bob McNamara and all his contributions to our Village. The space will allow residents and staff to have a new place to meet or relax. This new space was paid for using grant money from NYS Senator Anna Kaplan. Thanks to all of the staff for their hard work in maintaining the park this year. Please be on the lookout for new fencing for the children’s playground. The fence has been deteriorating and supply chain issues have delayed its installation.

Middleneck Road Update

The Village has signed an agreement with Nassau County to take over Middle Neck Rd. The agreement should be before the County Legislature later this month for approval. The County will then need to address a ponding issue near the Greenway intersection before transfer is finally complete. Our hope is that this will all be wrapped up shortly and we can plan for further improvements in the area.

Public Hearings & Laws for Consideration at the Board of Trustees Meeting

The Board of Trustees is considering:
• Creating a rental property registry. This would require landlords to register for a
permit and provide certain health and safety information. While Flower Hill does not have a large rental inventory, several homes in the community are rented out to tenants. In recent months the Village has had to address a rodent problem at one location and other issues. A registry would allow us to better ensure safety

and health concerns at rental properties and also have contact information for the
tenants and the Village to more effectively communicate.
• Establishing a fee for failure to cancel a scheduled building inspection
appointment with Village personnel. Several times a year contractors fail to meet with our staff to complete inspections for building permits. This failure to attend the appointment wastes Village time and resources that could be allocated elsewhere. A hearing will be held next month to establish a fee for failure to give at least one hour notice to cancel an inspection appointment unless due to an emergency situation.

Sustainability: Sewer Study

The Village received a proposal from the Port Washington Water Pollution Control District engineers for a study of our community to determine the ability to connect to their sewer system. We are currently following up with them for some additional information on how such a study would work and for improved financial terms. This study will allow the Village to make an informed decision on if we want to pursue such a project to improve our community. We will announce additional details as we continue researching this project. Funding for this study will likely come from the federal funds allocated by Congress and the President earlier this year.

National Grid Energy Savings Program

Due to increased demand and supply challenges for natural gas, National Grid will be running several programs to help increase home efficiency. For single family homes they are looking to pay up to 80% of project costs for weatherization measures such as high efficiency insulation in roofs, walls, and flooring along with the replacement of windows and air sealing.

If you are interested in volunteering for a Committee or want to join the Volunteer Corps just contact us at Village Hall or email us at

Next Board Meeting: Monday December 6th, 2021 7:30 P.M.