Hello-This is the August 11th Village of Flower Hill storm recovery update. I am happy to report that the Village has had the majority of power restored to residents but pockets of outages still remain. The Village staff and I will not stop until we get confirmation that every resident has had power restored.


Given PSEG’s continued issues with identifying outages I am asking residents without power to call our Village Hall or email us at info@villageflowerhill.org with your address and contact info so we can follow with PSEG as well. Continue to treat downed wires as live and do not approach them.


We are scheduling another limb and branch pick up for this weekend and will provide further details when they have been finalized. We apologize to anyone that we were not able to get to this past Sunday. Some additional updates for everyone:


-PSEG will be doing some surveying of the power lines on the island by helicopter so please do not be alarmed if you hear a low flying helicopter in the area.


-We have been informed that residents are responsible for damaged or displaced mast-poles and must work with their own electricians to carry out repairs.


-Please assist any electric crews that come into the neighborhood and if you need to engage them please wear a mask and maintain a social distance of 6 feet.


-PSEG will once again have 250 Willis Ave. in Roslyn Heights open for ice and water till 4pm.


-Village Hall is open for those that need to power up or cool off on this hot day

Please continue to check in on neighbors and that might need additional assistance.


Thank you and stay safe!




Brian Herrington


Village of Flower Hill