This is the daily storm recovery update for Flower Hill. Like most of you I continue to be without power for a third day and the estimated restoration time has been pushed back to Sunday. The Deputy Mayor and I are regularly driving through the Village to evaluate the situation and communicate with our residents.


Staff continues to report outages to PSEG and provide updates to our residents. If you lost power this morning immediately report it to PSEG at 1-800-490 0075.


Restoration times in the Village vary from tonight through Sunday but based on PSEG’s past performance I cannot believe this and ask that you prepare for several more days without power. I expect rain and possible thunderstorms to hinder efforts as well.

PSEG’s response to this storm has been in no uncertain terms a failure and I sent a letter to PSEG yesterday and our state representatives highlighting those failures.


I am also in contact with out other local town, county, and state officials who are advocating on our behalf. The County Executive’s team is working on the traffic light outages on Port Washington Blvd.


-Verizon and Altice have told us they will provide restoration estimates after power has been restored.


-Village Hall lost power today and is running on a generator but residents can still come by to power up.


-PSEG has a water and ice distribution site at 250 Willis Ave. in Roslyn Heights but I recommend residents go as soon as possible as this site ran out of supplies yesterday afternoon.


-We will be allowing full commercial landscape work on Saturday and Sunday so residents can continue storm clean up


-Sunday we have arranged for limb and branch pick up and crews will work throughout the day to take what they can. Please make sure you have the debris in place before Sunday as they will start early.


Please reach out to Village Hall if you need additional assistance. Check in on neighbors and anyone that might need help. Please stay safe!



Brian Herrington


Village of Flower Hill