This is the August 6th storm recovery update. My morning assessment of the Village indicates while some homes have had power restored a majority of the Village is still without power.

In talking to PSE&G they say we will continue to see progress through today and tomorrow but some homes may not have restoration until Saturday. I share your frustration with PSE&G and I continue to communicate our disapproval with their response. Besides a continuing communications failure the restoration timeline being moved back for many residents is unacceptable.

Currently, village staff are relaying any reported power outages to PSE&G to ensure the company has accurate information for our area.


PSE&G has set up a distribution center for water & ice at 250 Willis Ave. (Roslyn Heights).


If you do see power crews in the area please support them in their work in any way possible and do not take your frustration out on these front line workers.


We have also contacted Verizon and Altice and they are currently evaluating those systems for restoration and will have better estimates once power is restored.


Please do not forget that we have arranged for branches and limbs to be picked up at the curb this Sunday starting at 7am the crew will be working throughout the day.

Village Hall does have power and we are open if residents need to get cool or power up their electronics. Due to COVID we will have safety precautions in place.

Please check in on your neighbors and as we did in Sandy let’s pitch in to help one another. Thank you and stay safe!


Brian Herrington


Village of Flower Hill