This is the August 8th Village of Flower Hill storm recovery update. We have begun to see some power restorations in the Village but most of our outages still remain. I remain in constant contact with PSEG and our other elected officials to express our displeasure with their response to the storm.
I called on PSEG yesterday to once again immediately address all downed wires in our Village as they present an immediate safety hazard. In response PSEG dispatched crews and inspections were carried out throughout last night and into the early hours this morning.

PSEG’s latest estimates have power being restored thought this weekend and jobs requiring more extensive work taking them into Monday. So I continue to ask residents to prepare for several more days without power. Please assist any crews that come into the neighborhood in any way possible.
Please report any new power outages or if you have not reported downed wires to 800-490-0075 immediately.

I want to ask everyone to review their safety measures most importantly:
-Do not approach any downed wires, all downed wires should be treated as live.
-If you are running a generator please also check that your Carbon Monoxide detectors are operating, as portable and natural gas generators have the potential to cause carbon monoxide issues.
-PSEG will once again have 250 Willis Ave. in Roslyn Heights open for ice and water
-We will have Village Hall available for powering up tomorrow afternoon from 1-4pm.

Finally, limb and branch pick up is scheduled to begin at 7am tomorrow at crews will work throughout the day. Larger trunks and logs will not be accepted.

I will continue to update the community as we navigate the recovery. Please continue to check in on one another and neighbors that might need additional assistance. Stay safe.

Brian Herrington
Village of Flower Hill