Dear Neighbor,

At the May 4th Board of Trustees meeting, I was honored that the Board voted to appoint me as Mayor to fill the vacancy created by the untimely death of our beloved Mayor Bob McNamara. Bob was an exceptional and respected man who was dedicated to our Village up until the very end. I have asked the Architectural Review Committee to determine the best way for the Village to memorialize his contributions.

Under state law, without appointing a Mayor we would not have been able to appoint a Deputy Mayor and ensure that a transparent leadership and succession plan was in place. In the midst of a public emergency a majority of the Board and I felt this was important. I will serve as Mayor until the rescheduled election can be carried out which is currently set for September 15, 2020.

I have appointed Trustee Randall Rosenbaum to serve as my Deputy Mayor. Randall is a 20 year resident of the Village and has been a Trustee since 2012. While on the Board Randall has served on the Finance Committee and as our Village Emergency Preparedness Officer. Prior to this he served as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for four years. I know he will be a great partner in helping our Village progress.

I would like to take a moment to once again thank all the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and our needs met. Long Island is still in the midst of managing the COVID-19 outbreak and while things have improved, we have not met the CDC or state requirements that would allow us to begin reopening. On a recent Port Washington-Manhasset Emergency Management call, doctors from St. Francis and Mt. Sinai said we needed to continue self-isolating and practice social distancing and that reopening too soon would cause a reemergence of cases. I know that the warmer weather will tempt us but please continue to listen to our medical professionals and let’s do our part.

In order to keep the lines of communication open and to continue operating in full transparency, going forward I will be sending out a monthly message that will update you on the Board of Trustee meeting and highlight important and interesting topics for you. Please take time to review this month’s updates attached to this email.

Our next board meeting is Monday June 1, feel free to contact me at or by calling Village Hall at 516-627-5000. Visit our website or follow us on Facebook for more information on many of these topics. Please stay safe!

Respectfully yours,
Brian Herrington