St. Francis Hospital and Oak Tree Lane

By Ronnie K,

Dear Residents,

I wanted to share a note with you regarding an important and productive recent meeting Deputy Mayor Randall Rosenbaum and I had with both the CEO of Catholic Health Services and the CEO of St. Francis Hospital.


This past April Dr. Patrick O’Shaughnessy was appointed as the new President and CEO of Catholic Health Service of Long Island. As its new leader he wanted to meet with the Village officials  of Flower Hill, the home of St. Francis Hospital. Also in attendance was Dr. Charles Lucore, the CEO of St. Francis Hospital, appointed three years ago.  Both leaders expressed a genuine desire to be good stewards to the hospital and good neighbors to the  surrounding community.


I took the opportunity to inquire about their acquisition of properties on Oaktree Lane. They confirmed they had completed purchase of just three properties on the block and were hoping to acquire 8 more, a process that could take many years to accomplish. Currently there are  nuns living in one of the homes and there is a possibility that other clergy members may live in the other homes they acquire. Drs. O’Shaughnessy and Lucore  informed us that they do not have any definite plans for the area and are beginning to prepare a long-term master plan process for St Francis Hospital.


I let them know that the Village is not interested in closing or changing any roads and that decades ago the Village placed the hospital in a special zone to limit the size and scope of their buildings. I also informed them that any request to change zoning or build on the properties they acquire, beyond what is allowed by the current code, would require  public hearings, involving public input and review. I encouraged them to engage the community in their master plan process to properly incorporate our community’s input early on.


We learned that the hospital is currently operating at 105% of its capacity and they  been evaluating their operations in preparation for this master plan process. There is a parking garage that is reaching the end of its useful life,  and several trailers that have been installed over the years that need to be eliminated. Catholic Health Services is dedicated to St. Francis Hospital as its flagship hospital given the extraordinary care it provides and its national ranking for cardiac care and other services.


I hope this letter answers some questions that you may have regarding St. Francis Hospital and its recent activity on Oaktree Lane. The Village will continue to stay in contact with the hospital and share information that we receive.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns that you may have.



Mayor Brian Herrington


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SAFETY ALERT- Don’t let your house be a target for burglars! Daylight Savings Time Begins this Sunday, November 7th

By Ronnie K,

Take some simple steps to deter criminals:

 Don’t leave your house dark, make sure to leave lights on inside and outside when you leave the house or put your lights on a timer.

Leave a radio or TV on to give the appearance someone is home.

The hours between dusk and 7 pm are prime burglary hours and a dark house is an announcement that no one is home.


If you have an alarm system, use it when away and at home.


Lock doors, windows and gates when leave your house.


Be sure to close your garage door.


Keep shrubs and trees trimmed to eliminate hiding places.


Please make sure you lock your cars, take your keys and don’t leave any valuables in them. Most car thefts are occurring because homeowners leave their key fobs in the car.

Always call 911 if you see anything that seems out of place

Report any suspicious cars or activity to the police


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Report Damage from Hurricane Ida to Nassau County OEM at 516-573-9600

By Ronnie K,



Last week our area was hit hard by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Depending on which estimates you use we received as much four times the annual rainfall for the entire month of September in a few hours. The heavy rains in a short period of time inundated homes and properties even causing a landslide that blocked Stonytown Road.


Federal, State, and local officials are working together to try to help residents recover. I am asking all residents to report any damage they experienced to Nassau County by calling the Office of Emergency Management at 516-573-9600. Reporting the damage will help the County qualify for Federal and State disaster assistance and potentially help you access funding to reimburse some of your recovery expenses.


The staff, the Board of Trustees and I are committed to helping our community recover from this disaster. As we evaluate the storm’s impacts we will also look to improve our infrastructure and response capabilities to better serve all of you.



Brian Herrington


Village of Flower Hill

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Storm Season Emergency Contacts

By Ronnie K,


  • Download the PSEG Long Island mobile app to report outages and receive information on restoration times, crew locations and more.
  • To report downed wires or power outages, customers should call PSEG Long Island’s Customer Service line at1-800-490-0075.
  • Our Outage Map can also be found at  and reports outages in your community, as well as estimated restoration times.
  • MyAlerts, PSEG Long Island’s text message service, can be used to report and receive status updates on an outage. Since this requires an account number for a one-time registration, it’s best to do it beforehand. To register, text REG to PSEGLI (773454) or visit the “My Account” section of the website at Once registered, to report an outage, simply text OUT to PSEGLI (773454).



For information on how to report outages and service problems go to:

Downed wires: For your safety, do not touch or move the downed line as they can often be confused with phone or cable connections.  You can contact us, reach out via the My Fios app, chat with us by clicking the blue Chat With Us tab at the bottom corner of this page to report a downed or low hanging line.  Additionally, you can report a downed line online via the Verizon Troubleshooter. Non-customers call 1.800.Verizon (1.800.837.4966).



You can sign up to receive service alerts via text or voice message by going to My Account. Once confirmed, you will be notified when outages affect their service and will receive timely updates until the service is restored.  Customers may also utilize the options below to contact Optimum:

  1. Message Optimum at 
  2. Send Tweet to @Optimumhelp
  3. Call us at (866) 950-3278

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Septic System Replacement Rebate – $10,000

By Ronnie K,

Nassau County has recently launched a septic system replacement program available to homeowners and small businesses. The Septic Environmental Program to Improve Cleanliness (SEPTIC) gives eligible recipients funding to replace their conventional or failing septic system with a new innovative and alternative onsite wastewater treatment system (I/A OWTS). The Nassau County grant will cover half of the replacement cost up to $10,000.

Many older septic systems, even when functioning correctly, pollute vital bodies of water with nitrogen. Conventional septic systems were never designed to remove nitrogen. In fact, the average residential septic system discharges more than 40 pounds of nitrogen into groundwater each year. Clean-water septic systems are incredibly effective and can remove up to 90% of nitrogen from wastewater and cost five times less than a connection to a sewer system. 

Fortunately, these consequences are preventable with modern I/A OWTS septic technology.

For more information and to request a free consultation, check out the North Shore Land Alliance’s Water Quality Improvement Program webpage.




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Village of Flower Hill Approves New Garbage Carting Contract

By Ronnie K,

Taxpayers will save $900,000 during the term of the contract while retaining service levels

At the May 3rd Board of Trustees meeting, Mayor Brian Herrington and the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new five year garbage contract in response to the Villages Request for Proposal (RFP) for sanitation and recycling services.

Flower Hill’s 3-year contract with their current garbage carter was set to expire, and under the New York State General Municipal Law whereby any services contract with a municipality in excess of $30,000 must be put out to public bid, the Village was required to accept the lowest responsible bid.  The lowest responsible bid received was from Dejana Industries, saving Flower Hill taxpayers $900,000 over the term of the contract compared to the next bidder Meadow Carting. With an increasing amount of garbage being moved off of Long Island and softening in the recycling market expenses continue to rise.


“I am proud to announce the awarding of the contract to Dejana Industries that saves the Village money while retaining the same level of service. I want to thank Meadow Carting’s Staff for their dedicated service to our residents, they will be missed. DeJana has committed that residents will continue to see the same level of service with some enhancements. State law and the way the bids came in did not give us a lot of room to negotiate. We did our due diligence and I think this is the best outcome for our residents from a financial and a service perspective. ” said Mayor Herrington.


Trash and recycling will continue to be rear door service, on the same 3 days a week they currently have. Dejana’s trucks will have conspicuous separate containers on the front and sides of their vehicles for paper and plastic recycling, so there will be no mixing of regular garbage and recycling as had occurred at times in the past. Dejana’s service yard is located nearby in Port Washington, which will allow them to be available to us in a timely manner.


DeJana has also committed to help support educating residents on recycling and other garbage pick up requirements. The Village of Flower Hill follows all garbage and recycling regulations promulgated by the Town of North Hempstead and New York State. Residents can see the Village or the Town of North Hempstead’s website for full details on acceptable recycling.


DeJana will take over pick up on June 1, 2021 but until then Meadow Carting will continue to service our residents. Residents are encouraged to contact Village Hall with questions or concerns.


About Dejana Industries: Dejana Industries, Inc. is the first of the “Family” of companies founded by Peter Dejana, the chairman and chief executive officer, as a landscaping business back in 1962. Over the years the company has grown into a family of affiliated operating companies that provide a broad array of services throughout the Mid-Atlantic, New England, Midwest, and as far west as Denver, Colorado.

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National Grid Gas Main Upgrade on Country Club, Hewlett & Greenbriar

By Ronnie K,

National Grid has contracted with Asplundh to replace the gas main line on your street within the next 30 days. Hours of work will be Monday to Friday 7 an to 5 pm. Work should continue through August. They will repair all areas that are disturbed and replace all customer’s individual gas service lines.  Meters will be relocated to outside of homes.

For Questions please call (631) 569-5326


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Arbor Day 2021- Free Tree Seedling Giveaway – Thursday, May 6, 7:30 am to 4 pm

By Ronnie K,

The Village will be repeating the very successful seedling giveaway that we held last year as our annual Arbor Day celebration. It turned out to be a wonderful contactless event where we gave away almost 500 seedlings. The Village is able to obtain tree seedlings from the DEC’s tree nursery upstate in Saratoga.

We will have about 500 seedlings of both deciduous and evergreen varieties.  There will be a limit of 3 seedlings per resident, on a first come first served basis. The event will take place in the Village Hall parking lot.  As residents drive up, seedlings will be placed in their cars so we can all maintain safe social distancing.


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Cannabis Legislation and Flower Hill

By Ronnie K,

We have been hearing from concerned residents about the Village’s stance on permitting retail dispensaries to operate in the Village. We are still waiting for the final legislation to be completed before we act on the “opt-out” provision of the law. We have until 12/31/21 to pass an “opt-out” by resolution but believe it is prudent to wait for the final legislation before acting.

Click here for more information on the legislation

marijuana NYCOM_Advocacy_Update_–_March_29_2021

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