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8/8/20 Update

Hello- This is the August 8th Village of Flower Hill storm recovery update. We have begun to see some power restorations in the Village but most of our outages still remain. I remain in constant contact with PSEG and our other elected officials to express our displeasure with their response to the storm. I called on PSEG yesterday to once again immediately address all downed wires in our Village as they present an immediate safety hazard. In response PSEG dispatched crews and inspections were carried out throughout last night and into the early hours this morning. PSEG’s latest estimates have power being restored thought this weekend and jobs requiring more extensive work taking them into Monday. So I continue to ask residents to prepare for several more days without power. Please assist any crews that come into the neighborhood in any way possible. Please report any new power outages or if you have not reported downed wires to 800-490-0075 immediately. I want to ask everyone to review their safety measures most importantly: -Do not approach any downed wires, all downed wires should be treated as live. -If you are running a generator please also check that your Carbon Monoxide detectors  … Read more

8/7/20 Update

This is the daily storm recovery update for Flower Hill. Like most of you I continue to be without power for a third day and the estimated restoration time has been pushed back to Sunday. The Deputy Mayor and I are regularly driving through the Village to evaluate the situation and communicate with our residents.   Staff continues to report outages to PSEG and provide updates to our residents. If you lost power this morning immediately report it to PSEG at 1-800-490 0075.   Restoration times in the Village vary from tonight through Sunday but based on PSEG’s past performance I cannot believe this and ask that you prepare for several more days without power. I expect rain and possible thunderstorms to hinder efforts as well. PSEG’s response to this storm has been in no uncertain terms a failure and I sent a letter to PSEG yesterday and our state representatives highlighting those failures.   I am also in contact with out other local town, county, and state officials who are advocating on our behalf. The County Executive’s team is working on the traffic light outages on Port Washington Blvd.   -Verizon and Altice have told us they will provide restoration estimates  … Read more

8/6/20 Update

Residents, This is the August 6th storm recovery update. My morning assessment of the Village indicates while some homes have had power restored a majority of the Village is still without power. In talking to PSE&G they say we will continue to see progress through today and tomorrow but some homes may not have restoration until Saturday. I share your frustration with PSE&G and I continue to communicate our disapproval with their response. Besides a continuing communications failure the restoration timeline being moved back for many residents is unacceptable. Currently, village staff are relaying any reported power outages to PSE&G to ensure the company has accurate information for our area.   PSE&G has set up a distribution center for water & ice at 250 Willis Ave. (Roslyn Heights).   If you do see power crews in the area please support them in their work in any way possible and do not take your frustration out on these front line workers.   We have also contacted Verizon and Altice and they are currently evaluating those systems for restoration and will have better estimates once power is restored.   Please do not forget that we have arranged for branches and limbs to  … Read more

Nassau County Hazard Mitigation Survey

Please help us determine how our government can better prepare for a disaster by taking this survey. The Nassau County Hazard Mitigation survey is 31 questions long and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. You will be asked about hazards that concern you, your experiences with disasters, and how you think Nassau County should respond to future disasters. Your feedback will make Nassau County more prepared! This is the link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NassauHazards      

Restart Flower Hill Resources

Today our community can enter NYS Phase 1 reopening and Flower Hill is ready to assist our residents and business owners. Under the Phase 1 reopening construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, curbside/inside retail pick up, manufacturing, and wholesale trade can reopen under certain conditions. Our Village is prepared to help you RESTART and the team has prepared a resource page on our website to help you understand the reopening plan and provide additional resources. Call our team at 516-627-5000 or email INFO@VillageFlowerHill.org for assistance. Please remember that this reopening does not mean the Coronavirus threat is over. The public still needs to continue to follow face mask requirements, social distancing, and other safety protocols.   BUSINESS REOPENING RESOURCES Flower Hill Construction Phase I Resources Page: (LINK) NYS Phased Reopening Guidance: (LINK) NYS-Frequently Asked Questions: (LINK) NYS Regional Metric Dashboard: (LINK) Phase II guidance: https://forward.ny.gov/phase-two-industries ECONOMIC SUPPORT RESOURCES Nassau County Small Business Loans: (LINK) US Small Business Administration: (LINK) Apply for NYS Unemployment: (LINK)   HEALTH RESOURCE LINKS COVID-19 Vaccine Info: (LINK) NYS Coronavirus Self Assessment Tool: (LINK) NYS Coronavirus Testing Site Search Tool: (LINK) Nassau County Department of Health COVID-19 Positive Tests Map: (LINK) 
New York State Coronavirus Update Sign  … Read more


During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, all contractors must follow the construction guidelines developed by the New York State Department of Health.Attached are links for the following documents: *Interim Guidance for Construction Activities During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/atoms/files/ConstructionMasterGuidance.pdf *Construction Guidelines for Employers and Employees https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/atoms/files/ConstructionShortGuidelines.pdf *All contractors are required to adhere to the guidelines and prepare a written Safety Plan. Use the template provided. https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/atoms/files/NYS_BusinessReopeningSafetyPlanTemplate.pdf The contractor will be responsible to instruct all workers on a building site to follow the Safety Plan. No work shall be permitted unless the Safety Plan is on site and available to the Building Inspector. Failure to comply with the guidelines and safety plan by any work being done on the site may be subject to a Stop Work Order and summons.

Governor Cuomo Limits Construction During Crisis

Dear Residents: We hope all of you are well, and that you remain so as we continue through this crisis. As we are sure you are aware, the Governor has issued a series of Executive Orders restricting the workforce that is permitted at any work site.    New guidelines have been issued pertaining to construction work. While these guidelines have not been put in place by our Board, we wanted to make you aware of them to make sure any difficulties can be avoided. For the purposes of our Village, under these guidelines if construction work is being conducted on your property it must be halted  unless it fits in one of the following categories:  (1) the  construction is essential because it involves a project necessary to protect health and safety of the occupant; (2) a certain portion of work at the site must be completed before closing the site  because it would be unsafe to close the site otherwise, or (3) the work is being conducted by a single worker, who is the sole employee/worker on the job site. Please take steps to halt projects as required unless they fit within one of the three categories listed.  Failure to  … Read more

Village of Flower Hill COVID-19 Update & Establishment of Flower Hill Volunteer Corp

March 25, 2020 Dear Village Residents: Over the past week, our everyday reality has changed dramatically.  I have seen a lot in my lifetime, so it is not every day that I say we are in uncharted waters, but we are. You are all aware that the state, county, and town have all declared a State of Emergency in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We must all do our part immediately to reduce the spread of this virus. I would like to take a moment to first thank the doctors, nurses, emergency personnel and many others who are putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk by responding to this crisis. All residents should be self-isolating themselves and their families by limiting interactions with others and keeping at least 6 feet between you and others. If you feel ill you should stay home and contact your doctor. Note that you can have the virus without exhibiting symptoms and thereby pass the virus on to others, further emphasizing the need for self-isolation.  Even if you feel fine, you can put others at risk. I beg you to follow the rules to help protect others: your neighbor who  … Read more

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